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Ages: Teen

Reading Levels

Grade: 9-up

Guided Reading Level: Z+

101 Ways to Dance

by: Kathy Stinson

What if you lusted after someone you shouldn't?
What if you wanted to touch someone that you couldn't?
And then... what if... you did?

These are just some of the steamy questions that the teens in this book have to deal with. Meet Jenn, who "pretends" passion to satisfy a best friend during their backyard sleepover. There's Joel, who finds a chance for first (and maybe last) lust in a terminal cancer ward. Don't forget Susan, who wonders if the new girl in town wants to check out more than just the waves on the beach.

Filled with love, longing and more, these tales show that there are just as many ways to desire as there are to dance...


Shortlisted for the Canadian Library Association Young Adult Book of the Year Award

Chosen by the Ontario Library Association as one of the year's ten best books for teens


"Exudes promise, and it delivers! Each story is simply as beautiful as the one before." - Canadian Children's Book News


Reading Levels

Grade: 9-up

Guided Reading Level: Z+

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