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Ages: 9-13

Reading Levels

Grade: 4/5

Guided Reading Level: T

The Orphan Rescue

by: Anne Dublin

Miriam and her little brother, David, are poor. They don't have much, but they have their grandparents who love them.

Miriam is upset when she has to leave school to work in a butcher shop. But something even worse happens when, because their grandparents can no longer afford to take care of them, David is sent to live at the Jewish orphanage. Miriam and David don’t understand. How can you be an orphan when you still have a family?

Miriam wants to rescue David and bring him home. But how? Does Mr. Reznitsky, the orphanage director, care about the children, or is he using them? Miriam is determined to make a plan. She will think of it like a game of checkers, and this time the prize will be her brother.

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Finalist for the 2010 National Jewish Book Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature

Named a Notable Book for Older Readers by the Association of Jewish Libraries' 2011 Sydney Taylor Book Award


"Out of true events and a specific historic period comes a wider and more timeless meaning.  Highly recommended for grades 3-6." - Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter

“A lovely, poignant story…” – Ann Kirschner, author of Sala’s Gift

“A touching story, splendidly written. I was deeply moved.” – Rabbi Dow Marmur, Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto

"Based on a true story in the author's family history, The Orphan Rescuse is an excellent true-life adventure that will lead readers to many startling facts about the history of Jews in Europe pre-WWII times." - Midwest Book Review

"The Orphan Rescue is an accessible, entertaining story for young readers that manages to touch on some serious topics including poverty, child labour and the history of Jews in pre-Holocaust Europe." - The Canadian Jewish News

"Books for this age group that are this heartfelt and emotionally raw are few and far between." - Resource Links

"The three youngsters alter the course of their lives with their sheer determination. This pre-WWII story provides a view into the tenacity, ingenuity and strength of young Jews prior to the Holocaust, giving students and teachers a historical platform from which to study the unfolding 20th century history of Europe." - Jewish Book World


Reading Levels

Grade: 4/5

Guided Reading Level: T

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