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Ages: 7-9

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Grade: 3

Guided Reading Level: O

Bernadette in the Doghouse

Lunch Bunch

by: Susan Glickman
Bernadette continues her adventures with the Lunch Bunch...

After her triumph at the science fair - winning a special award even though she wasn't technically old enough to enter - Bernadette is ready to continue on with grade three. Her friendship with Annie, Keisha, and Megan – also known as “the Lunch Bunch” – continues to blossom. Bernadette and Keisha befriend an elderly neighbor, Mrs. March, and help her with her garden. As a bonus they get to play with Mrs. Marsh's beautiful cocker spaniel, Lady. Could this bring Bernadette's dream of owning a dog one step closer?!

Things seem like they can’t get any better when Bernadette’s best friend Jasmine comes to stay with her for the Christmas holidays. They visit one of their favorite haunts, the science center, and conduct an experiment where they turn snow into ice cream. But Annie, Keisha, and Megan are not as impressed. Bernadette is so happy to be spending time with Jasmine that she ignores her new friends in the Lunch Bunch. Now Bernadette has to work hard to realize her mistake and to prove to the Lunch Bunch that she values their friendship.
Book 2 in The Lunch Bunch books - Following Bernadette and the Lunch Bunch
Look for book 3, Bernadette to the Rescue, coming in Spring 2012!

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"Glickman again portrays elementary-school life realistically. Bernadette’s difficulties juggling her friendships, her longing for a puppy of her own and her discomfort when her classmates think she’s responsible for the month-long Healthy Food Challenge will feel familiar. The relatively long, mostly un-illustrated chapters are best suited for the most able chapter-book readers, who will appreciate the challenge and are less often served by material appropriate to their lives and experiences." - Kirkus Reviews, September 15, 2011

"Bernadette in the Doghouse is an all around winner, and readers will eagerly anticipate the third volume of the Lunch Bunch series." - Midwest Book Review, September 1, 2011

"The text is broken up by Melanie Allard's engaging black-and-white illustrations -- the inclusion of which is a solid technique to help younger readers bridge the gap between picture books and junior novels -- and there's enough in the way of science and recipes to keep fans of the first book interested in the series." - Elizabeth de Mariaffi, The Quill and Quire

"Susan Glickman presents a cast of likable, believable characters who discover together what it means to be a friend...the important message makes this book a valuable addition to most collections serving chapter book readers." - AJL Reviews, November 1, 2012


Reading Levels

Grade: 3

Guided Reading Level: O

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