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Ages: 6-10

Reading Levels

Guided Reading Level: Q

The Little Yellow Bottle

by: Angèle Delaunois
illustrated by: Christine Delezenne
War can come in the most of innocent of packages... Marwa and Ahmad know that war has come to their country, but its effect on their lives are small and life in their village goes on as normal. Ahmad is the goal-keeper in their games of soccer - the best they’ve ever had. One day, a group of planes flies over their village, like a swarm of angry wasps. The skies go grey, and the birds go quiet. They learn that the planes dropped small unexploded bombs all over the countryside, now hidden and lying in wait.

But life goes on, and the children once again forget about war - until a day when Marwa and Ahmad are playing, and Ahmad picks up a small yellow bottle. The resulting explosion will change their lives forever, leaving Marwa scarred, and Ahmad with only one hand and one leg. The scars of war will take a long time to heal - both those visible and those inside. But with time and courage, hope returns for both Marwa and Ahmad, who can no longer play soccer, but who has become the best coach they’ve ever had.



Finalist for the 2013 SYRCA Shinning Willow Award

Original French edition, Une Petite Bouteille Jaune, (2010, Editions de l'Isatis, Quebec) was a 2011 selection of IBBY International - Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities


"This book is recommended for both school and public libraries. Because of the serious subject of war and the sophisticated illustrations this book could be used as a teaching tool for older grades." - Laura Reilly, Resource Links

"The use of first-person narrative gives a unique perspective not often realized or understood. Delaunois has Marwa speak with such honesty. It reminds the reader that, though children may live in the midst of war, they themselves aren't at war with anyone." ... Delezenne's blend of collage, drawings and texture juxtapose the images of war from a child's perspective. They encapsulate the journey a child of war is forced to take. Though it begins with complete blackness, it can end with a winged soccer ball." - CM Magazine, September 2, 2011


Reading Levels

Guided Reading Level: Q

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