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Ages: 10-14

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Guided Reading Level: V

Morning Star

by: Judith Plaxton
The Underground Railroad links two girls living more than a century apart...
Flower, her parents, and her baby brother have escaped from the plantation where they were kept as slaves and are making their way north to freedom via the Underground Railroad. Their journey is dangerous and often desperate, as they are helped and sheltered by some, and hunted by others. Flower’s courage helps her family through illness, re-capture, and to escape again to safety.

Interwoven with Flower’s narrative is the story of Felicia, a young girl living more than 150 years later in a small Canadian community that was once an end-point of the Underground Railroad. Felicia, one of the few black children in her school, is researching her ancestry for a class project. As she talks to her mother and grandmother and learns about her ancestors’ struggles and successes, their bravery gives her the strength to confront the racism and bullying of a classmate.

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Finalist for the 2013 SYRCA Diamond Willow Awards

Chosen by iTunes Rewind as one of the top ten Young Adult books of 2011! 

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"...the novel draws the reader in with well orchestrated cliffhangers and a fully realized setting..." - Quill & Quire, November 1, 2011

"Felicia faces racism at her new school from a student and a teacher, but she is able to feel proud of herself and her heritage after she connects with new friends who share her love of singing and horseback riding." - Tanya Boudreau, CM Magazine, November 25, 2011

"The plot is beautifully written; it is like the two stories are two threads that are braided together, then knotted at the end." - Flamingnet, December 30, 2011

"This is an engaging read." - Jaclyn McLean, Resource Links


Reading Levels

Guided Reading Level: V

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