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Napi's Dance

by: Alanda Greene

Two women, one Blackfoot and one white, are united by their love of the prairie

In the mid-1800s, southern Alberta was dominated by the tribes of the Blackfoot Confederacy. Snake Woman, from the Blackfoot Blood tribe, was born into a life of respect and cooperation with the rhythm of the natural world, a rhythm that seems to be irreparably disrupted by the advance of European traders and settlers.

Eleanor, newly transplanted to this promised land with her homesteading parents, was raised on the stories of her uncle, who told of a sky that goes forever and a wind that can blow your memories away. Their ages, cultures, and social rules would divide Snake Woman and Eleanor, but the two share a connection to the sweeping prairie landscape, the “Best West,” that they both love and want to protect.

A chance encounter will unite their paths. In a time of disruption and loss, their resilience and determination offer hope that their two peoples, as well as the natural world around them, can survive great change.

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Author Alanda Greene has won the 2016 Richard Carver award! Read about her sharing the title with another author, and learn more about the award here.


"I particularly appreciated the emphasis on female roles and lives within these societies. A consideration of the Canadian prairie and its peoples at two different points in its history, this intersecting story of two young women from different worlds in the same geographical space is a lovely read. It would dovetail nicely with high school and university history or English courses as a vivid glimpse into two ways of life that are now gone." - EditorialEyes Book Blog

"Napi's Dance is a unique historical novel with plenty of twists and turns, set amid the West's natural beauty." - The Midwest Book Review, November 26, 2012

"Napi’s Dance has a spirit all its own. Her prose is controlled and measured; it is like a slow intake of breath, hopeful and restorative...Alanda Greene has thrown her rope around time in this novel, securing the days and nights of her characters with equal amounts of delicacy and determination; the storytelling is organic and the characters are credible." -Buried in Print


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