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Two Women

by: Christene A. Browne

Two women: born on the same day, a hemisphere apart

Two women: blind, middle-aged twin sisters, their world shaped through the magic of stories

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Bernice Archer has raised her blind twin daughters, Eva and Ava, in the relative isolation of their low-income downtown neighborhood. Every night Bernice tells her daughters the same bedtime stories; stories that are sometimes magical, and often cautionary, about the dangers of the world outside the walls of their small apartment.
Eva and Ava, now middle-aged, still wait for their mother’s stories with a combination of excitement and suspicion, knowing that there is much they haven’t been told. They are particularly mistrustful of Bernice’s warnings of the dangers of the opposite sex, and want to know more about the story of their own origins. As loving as she is loud and as full of secrets as she is of stories, Bernice is the centre of the universe for Eva and Ava, even as they yearn for freedom and experiences of their own.
When Bernice notices two new neighbours in their building, she is inspired to tell a new story. And so begins the saga of Violet and Rose. Bernice believes that these two women were born at the exact same moment, hemispheres apart, and that they share the same soul.

Like Eva and Ava, the reader is swept along in the wake of Bernice's stories, not knowing what is real and what is fantasy, but believing none the less.

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Christene Browne on ThatChannel: Christene's story as an Everyday Ambassador of Toronto's Pan Am Games 2015:


 “The female-driven book is haunted by the artistic legacy of absent fathers – Italian arias, poetry from Keats – and the realities revealed when the stories we conjure to replace the truth fall away.” - Maisonneuve Magazine

"Two Women
looks to the stars, but Christene A. Browne’s story is as much down-to-earth as it is starry-eyed. It is a promising debut indeed." - Buried in Print

"Two Women is highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library Contemporary Fiction collections--and will leave the reader looking eagerly toward Browne's next literary effort!" - The Midwest Book Review


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