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Ages: 9-12

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Finding Grace

Gutsy Girl

by: Becky Citra

My name is Hope. I’m trying to find Grace.

I’ve been writing letters to Grace all my life. My mom doesn’t like it when I write to her, so I try and keep it a secret. My mom is beautiful, but not very happy. Sometimes she won’t get out of bed all day. At least on those days, I have my granny. And Grace. 

The thing is, I never thought that Grace was real. She was my imaginary friend. The person I shared my bad days with, like when the grade five girls got to bring their mothers to school for a strawberry tea, and my granny showed up instead, making all the other girls think my mom was a funny old lady.

But Grace only lived in my mind. Or so I thought. Then one day, I discovered a secret that both my mom and Granny had been keeping from me. That secret changed everything I thought I'd known about myself, and about Grace. 

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Winner: 2015/16 Red Cedar Award – BC's Young Readers' Choice Award, Fiction

Finalist: Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Award - 2015 BC Book Prizes

Short-listed: 2015/2016 Chocolate Lily Book Award

Shortlisted: 2016 Rocky Mountain Book Award (Alberta Young Readers Choice Award)

Shortlisted: 2016 Diamond Willow Award (Saskatchewan Young Readers Choice Award)


"Finding Grace is an enjoyable and positive read for middle grade girls." - Readerly, National Reading Campaign 

"Becky Citra has written a thoroughly enjoyable first entry to the 'Gutsy Girl' series. Hope is a plucky, clever, protagonist that young girls will find inspiring." - CM Magazine

"Citra successfully tells a very focused, plot-driven story... Middle-grade readers will find Hope's letters and era-appropriate expressions quite endearing." - Quill & Quire

"Finding Grace is a quick and engaging read that draws the reader in with its authentic voice of a ten-year-old girl.... A great summertime read that deals with serious life issues in a refreshing manner." - Resource Links


Reading Levels

Guided Reading Level: U

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