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Ages: 9 to 13

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Readers aged 9 to 13 will appreciate the pluckiness of Notherland's inhabitants,and the rescue mission makes for an adventure-filled plot ... Peggy is a likeable and compelling character and her reluctant heroism will engage readers." - Quill & Quire Fifteen-year-old Peggy is trying to run away from her problems at home. Before she can decide what to do, she finds herself thrust back into a long-forgotten fantasy world called Notherland, which she had created as a child. To her astonishment, her imaginary companions are still living there. Peggy finds out that the evil force called Nobodaddy is now threatening to destroy Notherland and all who live there. As the Creator, Peggy is the only one who can stop him. Should she take on the dangerous quest? Or go back to the safety of her real life?


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