150 Fascinating Facts About Canadian Women

150 Fascinating Facts About Canadian Women


Compiled by Margie Wolfe with the help of women across the country


This informative, eye-opening assembly of facts is the perfect gift for anyone interested in Canada and women's history.

Did you know that... 

  • In 1875, Grace Annie Lockhart graduated from Mount Allison University as the first woman to receive a degree in any British Empire country...
  • The Women's Labour League was formed in 1920, calling for equal pay, maternity care, and birth control... 
  • It wasn't until 1949 that all Black, Japanese, Chinese, and South Asian Canadian women had the right to vote federally...
  • In 2008, Shannon Koostachin, a 13-year-old girl from Attawapiskat First Nation, led a rally to Parliament Hill that galvanized the movement for safe schools for Indigenous communities across Canada?

These are only a few of the fascinating facts about Canadian women who have—for much longer than 150 years—helped to shape this country.

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About the Compiler

Margie Wolfe has worked in feminist book publishing for almost forty years. She has co-edited several book collections including Still Ain't Satisfied: Canadian Feminism Today, No Safe Place: Violence Against Women and Children, Found Treasures: Stories by Yiddish Women Writers, and From Memory to Transformation: Jewish Women’s Voices. She and three other women founded Second Story Feminist Press in 1988.