A Mother's Adoption Journey

A Mother's Adoption Journey


By Darlene Ryan


For much of her adult life, Darlene believed she wouldn't make a good mother: "Besides, I couldn't admit to anyone that I didn't know how to do mother things. So I married someone who didn't want to have children either." Everything seemed fine for twelve years of her marriage, but then Darlene slowly came to realize that she really did want a child. At age forty, things weren't going to be that easy. In this humorous, warm and poignant new book, Darlene takes the reader with her as she decides that the most sensible option left to her is adoption.

Through narrative and diary excerpts, she details the emotional ups and downs involved in the process. Ideal for potential parents and professionals, this book gives all the factual information needed during the adoption process and prepares the reader for the joys and challenges that may lie ahead.

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About the Author

A freelance writer, Darlene Ryan has worked for the CBC's Arts Report, CBC Stereo and CBC Mainstreet, as well as for several other radio stations. Born in the Maritimes, she currently lives in Fredericton with her husband and adopted child.

Product Information

  • Release: November 13, 2001

  • $16.95 Paperback

  • 152 Pages

  • 6 x 9

  • ISBN: 9781896764498

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