Canadians Are Not Americans

Canadians Are Not Americans


By Katherine Morrison


A transplanted American, Katherine Morrison has long been fascinated with the attempts of Canadians to articulate how their culture differs from that of their southern neighbor. Examining three hundred years of cultural traditions, Morrison takes the reader through the historical, political and sociological milieux of Canada and the United States. Comparing mythologies, she examines national views of the past and the role of nature and images of place and home in literary writing. Using specific works by recognized authors of their time, Morrison considers the role of religion and the church, violence and the law, and humor and satire. Before concluding with a discussion of the tenacity of national myths, the book also explores the role of women, race and class in the literature of both countries. This rigorous and thoughtful analysis provides new insights in the ongoing debate as to why we aren't like the Americans.

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About the Author

Katherine L. Morrison moved to Canada from the United States in the 1950s, and decided to study the literature of both countries in search of the commonalities and differences. She earned a PhD and then taught courses in literature at the University of Toronto.

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  • Release: June 4, 2003

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