Kid Culture

Kid Culture


By Kathleen McDonnell


Is Saturday morning TV as bad as it seems? Should I give my daughter a Barbie? Have I failed as a parent if my son keeps asking for military toys? How is the violence they see around them affecting kids today? With clarity and humor, McDonnell discusses why pop culture is an irresistible lure to kids and why it binds them together in a subculture of their own.

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About the Author

A baby boomer parent of two "Echo" generation children, Kathleen McDonnell is an award-winning author and playwright of adult and children's literature including The Notherland Journeys series - The Nordlings, The Shining World, and The Songweavers - and Honey, We Lost the Kids. Born in Chicago, Kathleen lives in Toronto with her family.

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Product Information

  • Release: November 16, 1994

  • $14.95 Paperback

  • 184 Pages

  • 6 x 9

  • Adult Nonfiction

  • ISBN: 9780929005645

Praise for Kid Culture

"Kid Culture blows a very fresh breeze through our uptight assumptions about all the harm pop culture is doing to our kids." - The Globe and Mail

"This book offers refreshing insights into the things that kids like, and why they like them." - Today's Parent