Saving Rome

Saving Rome


By Megan K. Williams


In her debut collection, Megan K. Williams, a Rome-based writer and correspondent, serves up the Eternal City as you've never seen it before, turning an insider's eye on the love, mystery and unholy chaos of Rome. 

In nine funny and insightful stories, Williams delves into the lives of women searching for meaning (and survival) in an ancient metropolis awhirl in honking Fiats, smouldering cigarettes and teetering high heels. Piercing, quirky, hilarious and heartbreaking, Saving Rome's women are trapped in a new-millennium Roman circus sideshow. One follows her husband to Italy only to become obsessed with an eccentric pet-shop owner. Another, a rattled mother, gives a carabiniere officer the finger over a parking dispute, and is horrified when he trails her home. Not to mention the jilted innamorata who pushes her tour-guide host to the thin edge of sanity. 

As these ex-pats' illusions of Italian life unravel, so do their ideas about themselves and those closest to them. And as they struggle to bridge the gap between home and Rome, between the familiar and the inexplicable, they do so with awkward, imperfect and profoundly touching grace.

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About the Author

An award-winning writer, Megan K. Williams received a Pulitzer Fellowship from the Columbia School of Journalism. The author of numerous articles and works of fiction, her education and writing career have taken her to Montreal, Italy and New York. She now lives in Rome with her partner and two children. 

Product Information

  • Release: January 30, 2006

  • $18.95 Paperback

  • 200 Pages

  • 5.5 x 8.5

  • Adult Fiction

  • ISBN: 9781897187036

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Praise for Saving Rome

"An engaging collection of fictional reports from the cultural ferment of Rome. Williams' skill with dialogue, with the tempests it alternately contains and releases, is consummate." The Globe and Mail

"Brilliant... Saving Rome is filled with one woman's vision, warmth, and charm." - The Daily News (Halifax, NS) 

"A great book to have on hand for summer travel, a fast-paced assortment of prosaic delights." - NOW Magazine

"In one word, Saving Rome is wonderful... the perfect balance of interesting characters, punchy dialogue, page-turning drama, comedy and impeccable pacing." - Herizons

"Fiercely honest... each and every story reveals just how much our birthplace affects our understanding of the world and who we are." - Here Weekly (Fredericton, NB) 

"Vivid... [Williams'] stories shed light on who you are and how you live your life." - Ottawa Citizen

"Williams' journalistic roots come showing through in her ability to shape a scene, layering elements to create a snapshot out of every paragraph, the focus sharp and the colour bright. Saving Rome is like a postcard from a friend with 'Wish you were here' scrawled on the back. Save the airfare and read this book instead." - Quill & Quire