Support the Girls: Bra Art for Breast Health

Support the Girls: Bra Art for Breast Health


By West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation


Can a book about breast health be both beautiful and funny? This one is...

When the women from a community in Central Ontario needed to raise funds to buy a mammogram machine for the local hospital, it wasn’t laughter that led them to the “Art Bra” project. More likely, it was the fear of breast cancer and the need for early detection that motivated them. But the result is full of fun and whimsy, as people from across the country responded to their call to craft an “art bra”, sending in their creations along with the stories behind them.

You will smile at the bras that have been turned into works of art, with names like “Got Milk,” “Lucky Charms,” “Go, Girls, Go,” and “Cradles of Civilizations.” The book showcases over fifty bras, with accompanying personal stories that celebrate the curative power of laughter. Even hockey greats Bobby Orr and Sidney Crosby have gotten into the act by signing “sports bras”. 

The bras come from a community of breast cancer sufferers and survivors, health care workers, friends, and family. These bra “artists” will inspire you and bring you to tears – both of laughter and sadness. Gathered together, their creations bring a sense of lightness and hope to an all-too serious problem.

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About the Organization

The “Bra-Artistas” are an eclectic group inspired by the whimsy of the project and stirred by the cause of women’s breast health. They started with two brave women who wore two specially crafted art-bras at an International Women’s Retreat in Northern Canada, to the joy of the more than 100 women in the audience. After this event, witty Art-bras began to pour into the West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation from across the country, and eventually around the world. 

Product Information

  • Release: April 9, 2012

  • $19.95 Paperback

  • 128 Pages

  • 7.5 x 9

  • Adult Nonfiction

  • ISBN: 9781926920733