The Book Project Collective

The Book Project Collective encompasses women from diverse cultural, linguistic, religious backgrounds and national origins who share a passionate commitment to the community of immigrant and racialized women in Canada. It formed around a shared purpose – to help those whose voices are muted, those who are differentiated as racialized others and labeled “visible minority,” “newcomer,” and “woman of colour” articulate their life stories.

  • Rashmi Luther is a retired academic (Carleton University) who continues to be engaged in community-based social justice activities, especially those concerning immigrants and racialized communities.
  • Dr. Vanaja Dhruvarajan is an adjunct professor at Carleton University, Canada who has done research, and written a number of books and articles on racialized women.
  • Ikram Jama is an educator, and an activist who is committed to contributing to the creation of an accepting and inclusive community.
  • Yumi Kotani is a committed practitioner of equity and inclusion for all, who is inspired by the sheer beauty of human diversity.
  • Dr. Monia Mazigh is an author and a human rights advocate.
  • Dr. Peruvemba S. Jaya is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Ottawa, researching immigrant women’s issues and experiences.
  • Lucya Spencer is an educator and community advocate who continues to work towards influencing change.