A Gift for Gita

A Gift for Gita


Written by Rachna Gilmore and Illustrated by Alice Priestley


Gita and her family are in turmoil. During her grandmother's visit, Gita's father announces that he has received a job offer back in India. They have been living in North America for a few years, and now have a full life and friends here. What should the family do?

This is the third and final book in this critically acclaimed series featuring Gita, a young immigrant girl. Our young protagonist, Gita, who has made friends in her adopted home, is now faced with the possibility of returning to India where most of her relatives still reside. A Gift for Gita is a warm and touching story about the importance of friendship and stability and the meaning of "home."

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About the Author

Born in India, Rachna Gilmore has lived in London, England, and Prince Edward Island. She now lives in Ottawa where she continues to plark (play, work, lark) at her writing, dreaming up weird and wonder-filled tales.

About the Illustrator

Alice Priestley has illustrated numerous books including five other children’s stories. Out on the Ice in the Middle of the Bay was shortlisted for a Mr. Christie Book Award and the Amelia Frances Gibbon Award. Her other books include Winning the Girl of the Sea, The Watcher, Clouds on the Mountain and Someone’s Reading This Book. She lives in Toronto with her husband and children.

Product Information

  • Release: October 19, 1998

  • $7.95 Paperback

  • 24 Pages

  • 8.5 x 8.5

  • Children's Picture Book

  • Ages 5-8 / Grades K-3

  • Guided Reading: N

  • ISBN: 9781896764108


  • Character Education
    > Friendship & Family

  • Reflecting Diversity
    > Cultural & Ethnic Diversity