Business In Bangkok

Business In Bangkok


Written by Lynn Westerhout and Illustrated by Chum McLeod


When Mommy goes on a business trip to Bangkok, Corey and his dad must work together to keep the house running smoothly.

When Mommy says she has to go on a business trip to Bangkok, her son Corey balks. "She can't go," he says to his dad. When his father replies "Why not?" the boy finds a multitude of reasons from "Who will make my lunch?" to "Who will fix my bear?" to "Who will scrub my back?" to "Who will give me a hug?" Each time Dad shows him that father and son can handle whatever comes up together, and he explains that Corey will have extra special mommy-hugs the moment Mother comes home.

For children under eight, this humorous approach to traditional mother-work and children's feelings of fear is sun-filled and packed with fun.

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About the Author

Lynn Westerhout is a writer, teacher and storyteller. Her published works include Making It Home: The Story of Catharine Parr Traill for which she won the Frances E. Russell Award from the International Board on Books for Young People (Canada). She is a founding staff member of Centauri Adult Arts Retreat. She has taught creative writing for adults for the Toronto Board of Education and does storytelling programs for young audiences.

About the Illustrator

Chum McLeod is the illustrator of Business in Bangkok, Belfry Bat the Scaredy Cat, and Aunt Fred is a Witch. She lives in Barrie, Ontario.

Product Information

  • Release: October 12, 2001

  • $15.95 Hardcover

  • 24 Pages

  • 8.5 x 8.5

  • Children’s Picture Book

  • Ages 4-7 / Grades K-3

  • ISBN: 9781896764481


  • Character Education
    > Family & Friendship