Ezzie's Emerald

Ezzie's Emerald


Written by Kathleen McDonnell and Illustrated by Sally J.K. Davies

Most of the time Ezzie is very happy. She has good friends and a loving family who never make her feel that she is "fat." But sometimes schoolmates tease her, and no matter how much she tries to ignore their taunts, she can't completely. Ezzie loses her temper, hitting out at everyone. However, she redeems herself in their eyes with a selfless act of courage. For children six to ten, this chapter book shows how Ezzie's bravery makes others realize that she is more than simply "the fat girl."

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About the Author

Kathleen McDonnell is an award-winning author and playwright of adult and children’s literature, including The Notherland Journeys series—The Nordlings, The Shining World, and The Songweavers—and Honey, We Lost the Kids. Born in Chicago, Kathleen lives in Toronto with her family.

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Product Information

  • Release: November 1, 1990

  • $15.95 Hardcover

  • 64 Pages

  • 5.25 x 7.5

  • Children’s Fiction

  • Ages 6-10 / Grades 1-5

  • ISBN: 9780929005133


  • Character Education
    > Bullying
    > Self-Esteem

  • Language Arts
    > Early Chapter Book

  • Health & Phys Ed
    > Body Image