Great Athletes from our First Nations

Great Athletes from our First Nations


By Vincent Schilling


Great Athletes from our First Nations profiles thirteen outstanding athletes in such diverse sports as figure skating, race car driving, skiing and bowling.

Here, for young readers, are stories of how courageous and talented athletes like Shelly Hruska and Jordin Tootoo used dedication, discipline and perseverance to achieve their goals.

A First Nations Book for Young Readers

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About the Author

Vincent Schilling is the author of three books in the First Nations Series for Young Readers. He is an enrolled member of the St. Regis Mohawk tribe and lives in Virginia Beach, USA.

Product Information

  • Release: March 30, 2007

  • $10.95 Paperback

  • 128 Pages

  • 6 x 9

  • Children’s Nonfiction

  • Ages 9-13 / Grades 4-8

  • ISBN: 9780977918300


  • Language Arts
    > Biography

  • Reflecting Diversity
    > First Nations & Indigenous Peoples

  • Health & Phys Ed
    > Sports


Praise for Great Athletes from our First Nations

"Smoothly-written and enriched with photography and sidebars that give additional information about the sport or athlete."  Kliatt

"A must-have in every school and public library, it can be used for cross-cultural education and healthy lifestyles." - Resource Links

"Truly inspirational athletes! Life is all about choices. Being 'coachable,' having a strong cultural identity, and supportive relationships lead to pride and success." - KrisJohnson, Ontario Aboriginal Sports Circle