Nobel's Women of Peace

Nobel's Women of Peace


By Michelle Benjamin and Michelle Mooney


Women working for peace around the world...

Each year since 1901, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to a person who has made a difference in the world. Twelve women have been given this award, and each has her own fascinating story. Each had to struggle to be heard because she was a woman, and each one shares an incredible determination, commitment, and hope for the future.

The most recent winner, Wangari Maathai of Kenya, has helped African women plant more than 30 million trees. How does planting trees promote peace? By improving the lives of communities. Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma has also fought to improve lives by trying to bring democracy to her country. Mairead Corrigan Maguire and Betty Williams worked to end violence in Northern Ireland, Jody Williams campaigns to ban landmines, and Mother Theresa was an example of compassion to millions. The courage of the women here will inspire you.

A Women's Hall of Fame Series Book

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About the Author

Michelle Benjamin has worked in the book industry for many years as a publisher, editor, teacher, and writer. She lives in Vancouver with her partner, fellow author Maggie Mooney, and their daughter.

About the Author

Maggie Mooney is a community worker, editor, and writer. She lives in Vancouver with her partner, fellow writer Michelle Benjamin, and their daughter.

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  • Release: October 1, 2008

  • $10.95 Paperback

  • 146 Pages

  • 6 x 9

  • Children’s Nonfiction

  • Ages 9-13 / Grades 4-8

  • Guided Reading: Z+

  • ISBN: 9781897187388


  • Character Education
    > Strong Female Role Models

  • Language Arts
    > Biography

  • History & Social Studies
    > Global Cultures
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    > Social Justice

Awards for Nobel's Women of Peace

  • Named one of the Amelia Bloomer Project's 2009 Best Feminist Books for Young Readers - American Library Association

Praise for Nobel's Women of Peace

"The international stories of individuals dedicating their lives to humanitarian efforts will inspire young activists, who will want to move on to the extensive list of appended resources, entitled 'What Can You Do: How You Can Be a Troublemaker for Peace.' Source notes corresponding to direct quotes used in the text conclude this inspiring title." - Booklist

"Nobel's Women of Peace... succeeds in being more inspiring. This surely is because the women it profiles, the dozen who have won the Nobel Peace Prize, seem to have been touched not so much by genius... but by the more accessible qualities of determination and courage." - The Montreal Gazette