The Righteous Smuggler

The Righteous Smuggler


By Debbie Spring


Hendrik hatches a daring plan to help smuggle his Jewish friends out of Amsterdam and away from the reach of the Nazis during the Second World War.

During World War II, when Hendrik, the young son of a fisherman in Amsterdam, notices his Jewish friends being barred from school and ostracized by their other classmates, he is determined to stand by them. His parents have always told him to fight injustice. So when Hendrik realizes what Hitler's policies ultimately mean for his Jewish friends and their families, he hatches a daring plan to help smuggle them out of the country by boat.

A Holocaust Remembrance Book for Young Readers

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About the Author

Debbie Springs short stories and articles have been published in newspapers, magazines, journals, and books in the United States and Canada. She has appeared on CTV and CBC radio, and has talked with over 3,000 students about the Holocaust. Debbie lives in Toronto and is available for author visits. This is her second book for young readers.

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Product Information

  • Release: September 20, 2005

  • $9.95 Paperback

  • 162 Pages

  • 5.5 x 7.75

  • Children’s Fiction

  • Ages 9-13 / Grades 4-8

  • Guided Reading: Z

  • ISBN: 9781896764979


  • Character Education
    > Prejudice & Tolerance

  • Language Arts
    > Historical Fiction

  • History & Social Studies
    > War & Conflict

  • Holocaust Studies


Praise for The Righteous Smuggler

"The Righteous Smuggler is an important story, not just for its historical merit. It is an example to inspire young people, because, just like Hendrik, they never know what challenges they may meet in life. Highly Recommended." - CM: Canadian Review of Materials 4/4 Starred Review

"The story is filled with suspense and adventure. Hendrik's story will especially appeal to boys." - School Library Journal

"Hendrik narrates this tale which vividly portrays the process of oppressive occupation by outside forces and the eventual alienation and extermination of Dutch Jews... Suspenseful, fast-paced and detailed with historical information." - Canadian Children's Book News

"The Righteous Smuggler can provide a springboard for discussions about the Holocaust, as well as other themes such as peer pressure, loyalty, and choosing good over evil. This book belongs in every school library." - Jewish Book World

"Frank and compelling... There are many page-turning moments. Spring's style of writing makes completely believable the way in which Hendrik comes by his convictions and the fact that he has the courage to fight for them." - The Jewish Independent

"... actions speak louder than words in this fast-paced, emotionally charged coming-of-age story. Written in short dramatic chapters, readers share Hendrik’s confusion and upset as he witnesses the world and values her loved turned on their head by hatred and lies." - Ottawa Jewish Bulletin