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I Am Not a Number
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I Am Not a Number tops the Canadian Bestseller list week after week!

CBC Books reports that I Am Not a Number, written by Jenny Kay Dupuis and Kathy Kacer and illustrated by Gillian Newland, has topped the Canadian Children's Bestsellers list for the 9th week in a row.

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The book, which Kirkus Reviews calls "A moving glimpse into a not-very-long-past injustice," tells the true story of Irene Couchie Dupuis, co-author Jenny Kay Dupuis' granny, who at eight years old was taken from her family and her community of Nipissing First Nation and sent away to a residential school. Through Irene's eyes young readers can relate to her experience and learn about her feelings of fear, anger, and loss. They can catch a glimpse into the minds of the adults of this time, exemplified by the Government agent who removes Irene from her home and by the nuns who run the school, who felt they had the right to try and take away her very identity by cutting her hair, forbidding her from speaking her language, and telling her she was not to be called by her own name. This one family's story of separation, heartache, and courage shines a light on the history of Canada and the untold stories of thousands of First Nations children and their families who suffered because of government-sanctioned residential schools.

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