By Liane Shaw


Maddie finds a dangerous "thinspiration" online.

Seventeen-year-old Maddie has always felt a hole in her life, but she has finally found a way to fill it with her quest to mold her body into her ideal, thinnest shape. When she comes across the world of “thinspiration” websites, where young people encourage each other in their mission to lose weight, she quickly becomes addicted. Finally, she has found a place where she is understood and where she can belong. 

Maddie becomes a part of a group of friends who call themselves the GWS, “Girls Without Shadows”, on the pro-anorexia website Here she finds the respect and support she feels she doesn’t get from her family and friends in the so-called real world. Now in a rehab facility where they are trying to fix a problem she doesn’t think she has, Maddie is forced to keep a diary tracing how she arrived at this point. Angry that she is barred from accessing her online friends, Maddie refuses to believe she needs help. Will a tragedy change her mind?

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About the Author

Liane Shaw is the author of several books for teens including, Fostergirls, The Color of Silence, and Don't Tell, Don't Tell, Don't Tell, as well as a work of non-fiction called Time Out: A teacher's year of reading, fighting, and four-letter words. Liane was an educator for more than 20 years, both in the classroom and as a special education resource teacher. Now retired from teaching, Liane lives with her family in the Ottawa Valley.

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Product Information

  • Release: September 12, 2009

  • $11.95 Paperback

  • 264 Pages

  • 5.5 x 8.25

  • Teen Fiction

  • Ages 13-18 / Grades 8-12

  • Guided Reading: Z+

  • ISBN: 9781897187623


  • Character Education
    > Self-Esteem

  • Language Arts
    > Journal Writing

  • Health & Phys Ed
    > Body Image
    > Eating Disorders

Awards for

  • 2011/12 Stellar Book Award Finalist (B.C.'s Teen Readers' Choice Award)

  • YALSA's (Young Adult Library Services Association) 2010 Popular Paperbacks - "Bodies" List

Praise for

"Liane Shaw, who has battled anorexia herself, spins Maddie’s treatment – as she progresses from delusions to tough realizations – into an absorbing psychological drama...through clear and unflinching storytelling, Shaw takes her readers deep into the labyrinthine psyche of a young girl battling an eating disorder." - Quill & Quire

"With well-developed characters in the mix of family and friends who engage with this young woman, teenaged readers have the opportunity to enjoy a strong story while at the same time learn about an illness that may hit close to home." - The National Post

" is particularly informative and inspirational for teens dealing with low self-esteem and eating disorders. This book would be an excellent addition to a young adult fiction collection. Recommended." - Library Media Collection

"Realistic in detailing how an individual can travel from wanting to lose a few pounds to becoming quite ill... By the end of the novel, the reader is left with a feeling of hope... Good for teenagers who are trying to recover from an eating disorder, who have had a friend with an eating disorder or who are looking for an interesting story about a common teen issue." - Resource Links