Time Out

Time Out


By Liane Shaw

A former teacher's no-holds-barred account of her year with a class of "behaviour" boys

Before she began writing books for teens, Liane Shaw was an elementary teacher. She brings her gifts for storytelling and humor to this account of her journey into the lives of emotionally challenged students. With little in the way of experience or resources, she found herself thrust into the most challenging kind of teaching imaginable. 

From the moment Shaw meets her first two boys, as they sit teetering precariously on top of a bookshelf while swearing at the principal, she is both fascinated and terrified. Funny yet sad, strong yet vulnerable, these boys are both the bullies and the bullied. All from different backgrounds, the one thing they have in common is that the odds are against them and that the myriad efforts of the adults involved in their lives often do more harm than good. Shaw moves from frustration to determination. Readers will root for her to succeed, as invested in the success of these kids as she is. Students and teachers continue to face the same challenges, and our education system is still struggling to cope with its most vulnerable students. Shaw’s wish in sharing her story is clear – that as adults we can help children with mental health issues heal and succeed, and that stories like hers can be moved to the history shelf.

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About the Author

Liane Shaw is the author of several books for teens including thinandbeautiful.com, Fostergirls, The Color of Silence, and Don't Tell, Don't Tell, Don't Tell, as well as a work of non-fiction called Time Out: A teacher's year of reading, fighting, and four-letter words. Liane was an educator for more than 20 years, both in the classroom and as a special education resource teacher. Now retired from teaching, Liane lives with her family in the Ottawa Valley.

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Product Information

  • Release: April 12, 2014

  • $19.95 Paperback

  • 272 Pages

  • 5.5 x 8.5

  • Adult Nonfiction

  • ISBN: 9781927583326

Praise for Time Out

"Anyone who has ever worked with children with behavioural challenges in a self-contained or regular classroom will appreciate Liane Shaw’s frank and raw portrayal of her experiences as a young teacher working with special needs students… Shaw clearly understands that the influence of a caring adult is the primary means through which her students learn both social skills and, possibly, even a little bit of math and reading." - Professionally Speaking, the Magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers

"A huge piece of my philosophy in working with young people is to remember that I can’t be the magical teacher who fixes everything for them and makes their lives OK. I can be one positive person, who person who helped and encouraged them, along with other helpers — often set against a large pile of people who were negative influences or discouraged them. To bring one good thing into the lives of the people I work with is my goal — and I felt in reading this book that that was what Liane Shaw learned too in working with these very challenging kids. You can’t do everything, and if you try to, you’ll make yourself crazy. But you can do something." - Trudy Morgan Cole, Compulsive Overreader