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These videos by Second Story Press authors can be used for online teaching and home education purposes, or just to learn more about your favourite titles! You can find them (and lots more) on our Youtube channel.

Indigenous Authors

Chat with Jodie Callaghan, author of The Train

Jodie Callaghan, author of The Train, talks about her picture book with editor Gillian Rodgerson.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation with Michael Hutchinson

Michael Hutchinson, author of the Mighty Muskrats Mysteries, talks about what reconciliation means to him.

Joanne Robertson's The Water Walker

Joanne Robertson, author of The Water Walker, talks about Josephine-ba Mandamin and how she came to tell Josephine’s story for children.

Jessica Outram's Bernice and the Georgian Bay Gold

Meet Jessica Outram, author of the historical mystery Bernice and the Georgian Bay Gold, a middle grade adventure story about a young Métis girl!

Meet the Mighty Muskrats by Michael Hutchinson

Meet the four cousins who solve the cases in Michael Hutchinson’s Mighty Muskrats Mystery Series! The latest book, The Case of the Rigged Race, is available now.

Celebrating Spirit Day with Phoenix Gets Greater!

October 20th is Spirit Day, an annual LGBTQ2S awareness day. Celebrate with Marty Wilson-Trudeau and Phoenix Wilson's picture book Phoenix Gets Greater, about a young Indigenous boy who is bullied for being feminine, but is empowered to embrace his true self by his family, who teach him about Two Spirit/Niizh Manidoowag people and their important role in Anishinaabe culture.


Sophie Labelle's Wish Upon a Satellite: Virtual Launch

The virtual book launch of Sophie Labelle's YA novel, WISH UPON A SATELLITE. Author and comic artist Sophie Labelle discusses the importance of making young trans lives visible in May, 2022. Co-hosted by Glad Day Bookshop.

Pride Panel: Queer Authors Across Genres

Second Story Press' Pride Panel in June 2022: Queer Authors Across Genres! An exciting discussion between authors Mary Fairhurst Breen, Dani Jansen, and Suzanne Meade.

Baby Board Books

I Want to Be: A Gutsy GIrls' ABC: Virtual Book Launch: Art Process with Farida Zaman

Author and illustrator Farida Zaman takes you through her art process for her board book, I Want to Be...A Gutsy Girl's ABC!

I Want to Be...A Gutsy Girl's ABC: Virtual Book Launch

Author and illustrator Farida Zaman talks about and reads from I Want to Be...A Gutsy Girl's ABC!

Picture Books

Rosemary McCarney reads from Every Day is Malala Day

Rosemary McCarney reads from Every Day is Malala Day for World Read Aloud Day 2014. Find out more about Plan Canada at

Holocaust Remembrance Books - Elementary

Anne Renaud on Fania’s Heart

Author Anne Renaud talks about Fania's Heart, and the real story behind her book.

The Secret of the Village Fool by Rebecaa Upjohn

Rebecca Upjohn talks about and reads from her picture book, The Secret of the Village Fool.

Kathy Kacer on To Hope and Back: The Journey of the St. Louis

An ocean-liner carrying Jewish passengers can find no safe harbour during World War II. Turned away from port in Cuba, the USA, and Canada, the ship was forced to return to Europe where many of its passengers went on to die in the Holocaust. Part of Second Story Press' Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers.

Janet Wees on writing When We Were Shadows

Author Janet Wees tells the story of how she wrote her middle-grade nonfiction book When We Were Shadows. The book tells the story of Walter and his family as they stay one step ahead of the Nazis, hiding to save their lives.

Rona Arato on The Ship to Nowhere

Author Rona Arato talks about her book, The Ship to Nowhere, and the real story of the Exodus, the ship that smuggled 4500 Jewish refugees risking their lives to reach Palestine.

When We Were Shadows by Janet Wees

Author Janet Wees reads from her middle-grade nonfiction book, When We Were Shadows.

Holocaust Remembrance Books - Teens and Adult

Kathy Kacer on writing To Look a Nazi in the Eye

Author Kathy Kacer talks about her YA book To Look a Nazi in the Eye. Written with Jordana Lebowitz, the book tells the story of Jordana's experience witnessing the trial of Oskar Groening, a man charged with being complicit in the death of more than 300,000 Jews in the Holocaust.

Jordana Lebowitz on To Look a Nazi In the Eye

Jordana Lebowitz, whose true story of witnessing the Nazi war criminal trial of Oskar Groening is told by Kathy Kacer in To Look A Nazi in the Eye: A teen's account of a war criminal trial, talks about how her life-changing trip to Germany began.

Teen Audiences

Breaking Faith reading by E. Graziani

E. Graziani reads from her young adult (ages 12 & up) novel Breaking Faith. Breaking Faith is an unflinching look at teen mental illness and addiction.

War in My Town reading by E. Graziani

Author E. Graziani reads from her mother's biography about World War II Italy during the Nazi occupation in her small Tuscan village. War in My Town is a poignant, heart-wrenching true story of survival and family life during the war.

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