Writing the Revolution

Writing the Revolution


By Michele Landsberg


Feminist journalist and activist Michele Landsberg - From the front lines of the Women's Movement...

One of the most respected voices in Canadian feminism, two-time National Newspaper Award-winning journalist Michele Landsberg has engaged with the second wave of the women’s movement more than any other writer in the country. Her opinions, always careful and sometimes controversial, have mattered to women’s lives. For 25 years, between 1978 and 2005, Michele wrote a highly influential column in The Toronto Star, recording and interpreting history from the front lines of the feminist movement. In this volume, Michele brings us a collection of her favorite columns. With her trademark blend of kindness, toughness, bluntness and humor, she reflects on when she was right, when she was wrong, what was happening behind the scenes, and what has happened since. The columns show a fearless advocacy on behalf of women and children, peace and pluralism, human rights and social justice. Michele looks back over the years, offering insight and reflection, and also looks at the present and future of feminism. Surprising, enlightening, infuriating or funny, her writing reminds us that feminism changed the world forever and is still alive, still sparking and making debate.

Gloria Steinem on Michele Landsberg: "Those who make a revolution and those who write about it are usually two different people. Michele Landsberg is one of the few on earth who is trusted and effective at both. There is no one I respect more in the trenches—or on the page."

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About the Author

Michele Landsberg began her career with The Globe and Mail in the 1960s and moved to Chatelaine in the '70s, under the editorship of Doris Anderson, before moving to the Toronto Star. She is the author of three best-selling books: Women and Children First, Michele Landsberg’s Guide to Children’s Books and “This is New York, Honey!”. She continues her work as an activist, and is a regular reviewer of children’s books on CBC Radio. Michele lives in Toronto with her husband, Stephen Lewis.

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  • Release: October 18, 2011

  • $24.95 Paperback

  • 336 Pages

  • 6 x 9

  • Adult Nonfiction

  • ISBN: 9781897187999


  • 2012 Toronto Book Awards Finalist
    From the jury: "Michele Landsberg began as a 'blue jean rebel.' Chafing at the confines of late-1950s sexism, she found her voice at Chatelaine in the '70s and then spent more than 25 years writing passionate and unapologetically activist columns for the Toronto Star. Writing the Revolution is a fascinating look back at those columns and at Michele's role as the high priestess of Canadian feminism. Her unwavering support for the rights, well-being, and safety of women and children has served as a powerful force for social change. An inspirational read, Writing the Revolution is also a cautionary tale for those who feel that feminism as a movement need no longer exist."


Praise for Writing the Revolution

“I think of Michele Landsberg’s book as a clutch purse, in the sense that I tuck the gleaming thing under my folded arm, clutching it for safety and comfort and for the treasure it holds. Open it and jewels spill out: the stories of lives lived by women during feminism’s second wave. Love, humiliation, struggle, pain, small triumphs, great victories, all dressed in this great woman’s words imbued with the warmth for which she is famous. It isn’t the book of the year or the decade, it’s our own personal true story." - Heather Mallick, Toronto Star columnist

"Each column is worth rereading not only for the carefully researched facts and opinions she gave at the time but for the lessons that still hold true.… As a feminist, I am proud to see this list of issues, moments, and campaigns featured by being set apart from other uprisings of the time, but still linked together as women lived them in Canada." - Lee Lakeman, Author, feminist pioneer, activist, and visionary

"She brought legitimate left political cred to what began as a place in the 'Women's section' and morphed over the years to front-section prominence. Long before she left the Star in 2003, Landsberg was renowned as one of the nation's clarion Second Wave feminists. She was the very model of the journalist-as-social activist, no mere recorder of the heady parade." - The Toronto Star

"The book is an eye-opening collection of some of the 3,000 columns she wrote for the Toronto Star from 1978 to the early 2000s in which she took women’s issues and turned them into human issues so fearlessly, doggedly and articulately that it still makes my head spin. From equal pay to sexual harassment at work, child care to false memory syndrome at home, from a tax on tampons to a pox on lap dancing, Ms. Landsberg passionately pulled apart each issue and then denounced politicians, judges and even the media if she thought they were holding women down." - The Globe and Mail

"Writing the Revolution demonstrates how Landsberg took feminism to the masses with intelligence, passion, and wit, and illustrates the enormity of the role she played in changing the lives of Canadian women." - Quill & Quire