Alanda Greene

Alanda Greene was born in Calgary, Alberta, the youngest of four children. Her father, born and raised in the southern prairie, gave her many gifts, but two were especially significant: he nurtured a connection with the natural world and he told rich stories from the Blackfoot Nation of the central plains, stories he learned from his native friends as he grew up. She spent her restless adolescent years riding her horse across the hills southwest of Calgary, imagining what it would be like to gallop through that land with no fences to contain it, as it once had been. She later moved to Kootenay Bay, British Columbia where she spent twenty-four years teaching at the local school. During this time she wrote many articles for education magazines, completed a Bachelor of Education and wrote and illustrated a book for middle school educators. After taking creative writing courses she finally settled into exploring the questions that had stayed with her since childhood about the land and history of southern Alberta. From that exploration came Napi’s Dance. Alanda managed the small bookstore at the Yasodhara Ashram in Kootenay for several years, and she is now engaged with managing the ashram land.