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A family's story of the Holocaust lies buried in the soil of a graveyard in Prague, in the old neighborhoods of Montreal, in the serenity of a small New Jersey town, and in the memory of Jana – a woman finally asked to bear witness.

Willow has heard stories about her mother's childhood in Prague before WWII, but Willow knows little of Jana’s life after the start of the Holocaust. When Willow and Jana return to Montreal, the past begins to surface.

Praise & Recognition

Brodoff allows art to speak the unspeakable softly. Ultimately, she weaves myth and reality into an honest story where the white spaces are a balm for the woes and wounds of the stories that shape us. The Montreal Review of Books
The novel examines the way that we create our identities from the stories we tell about our past, and questions the point at which the truth pushes its way out from the safe haven of denial. The structure of the narrative is well-paced and simmers gradually to a fully boil.
Quill & Quire
The White Space Between forms a crystalline menorah in one's mind. With meticulous power, Brodoff evinces from the ash and soil of the Holocaust, the transcendent flame of hope, timelessness, and truth. A deeply moving and memorable novel.
Montreal Review of Books
The White Space Between beautifully evokes one family's history and resilience, as it traces the mix of curiosity and self-protection that lead a mother and daughter into the past. The puppeteer heroine and her staunch and wry mother are wonderful, indelible characters, in a novel with a rare sunniness at it's heart.
The White Space Between portrays the fascinating struggle between forgetting and uncovering stunningly powerful and necessary memories, an extraordinary hide-and-seek game of personal and ethnic history. The novel abounds with wisdom and lyrical beauty.
Ami Sands Brodoff powerfully explores the haunted terrain of memory. Brave in its disclosure of family truths, her latest novel centers on a mother struggling to bury history, while her daughter yearns to uncover it, a journey rich with secrets and reckonings. Brodoff renders this world - a Montreal of eternal snow, a Prague of eternal childhood - as beautifully as a cherished old photograph, once lost, not found.
...[Brodoff] weaves myth and reality into an honest story where the white spaces are a balm for the woes and wounds of the stories that shape us.


Publication Date: January 1, 2008

Product Format: E-book – EPUB

Pages: 320

ISBN: 978-1-926739-76-2

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About the Author

Ami Sands Brodoff

Ami Sands Brodoff is an award-winning novelist and short story writer. Her volume of stories, Bloodknots, was short-listed for the Re-Lit Award and an excerpt from her previous novel, Can You See Me? was nominated for The Pushcart Prize. She has contributed to Vogue, Self, Elle, The Globe and Mail, and Montreal’s The Gazette. Originally from New York, she now lives in Montreal with her family and is active in the city's literary community.
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