What Makes Girls Sick and Tired

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A feminist manifesto exposing the everyday sexism that teenage girls face.

A feminist manifesto in graphic novel form that denounces the discrimination against and unfairness felt by women from childhood to adulthood. Illustrated in a strikingly minimalist style with images of girls with varied body types and personalities, invites teenagers to question the sexism that surrounds us, in ways that are obvious and hidden, simple and complex. The book’s beginnings as a fanzine shine through in its honesty and directness, confronting the inequalities faced by young women, everyday. And it ends with a line of hope, that with solidarity, girls will hurt less, as they hold each other up with support and encouragement.

Praise & Recognition

And the Hit Lit goes to What Makes Girls Sick and Tired, an illustrated run down of the most egregious discrimination, sexual violence, and sexist commentary targeting women young and old...Order this book by the dozen. Foreword Reviews

CCBC Best Books for Kids and Teens 2019


Publication Date: March 4, 2019

Reading Age: 13 - 19

Genre: Teen, Children's Fiction

Product Format: Paperback

Pages: 48

ISBN: 978-1-77260-096-4

Lucile de Pesloüan

About the Author

Lucile de Pesloüan

Lucile de Pesloüan began to publish her texts in the form of fanzines in 2012, which were distributed in alternative media as well as in traditional bookshops. What Makes Girls Sick and Tired is her first book. She lives in Montreal, Quebec.
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Geneviève Darling

About the Illustrator

Geneviève Darling

Oriented on feminist, queer or simply amusing subjects, Geneviève Darling’s illustrations are accessible, comforting and uncompromising. Her work tries to challenge heteronormativity and make queer relationships between women more visible. What Makes Girls Sick and Tired is her first book. She lives in Montreal, Quebec.
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