4:00 PM16:00

The Story of My Face Book Launch

Join Leanne Baugh for the book launch of her debut YA novel
The Story of My Face.

Leanne will do a reading, and sign copies of her book. Light refreshments will be provided. Youth and adults are both welcome and encouraged to come. 

After being attacked by a grizzly bear in the Rocky Mountains, seventeen-year-old Abby Hughes' facial scars are all she can think about, and all that she thinks anyone else can see when they look at her. It’s now March, and Abby’s months of hiding out at home are over. Returning to finish her last term of high school feels as daunting as enduring seven plastic surgeries. She knew it would be hard to show her new face to the world, but she didn’t expect to be rejected by her so-called friends. Or ignored by Liam, who had said he loved her. Or tormented by Mason, who may be capable of much worse than she suspected. If she wants others to move past the surface, Abby has to learn to do that herself. Her love of acting and her return to drama class may be the key to going on with her new life, or it may be the disaster that drives her from high school (and society) altogether.

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2:00 PM14:00

Black Women Who Dared Book Launch

Join Naomi M. Moyer for the book launch of Black Women Who Dared!


Naomi will do a reading, and sign copies of her book. Light refreshments will be provided. Children and adults are both welcome and encouraged to come. Naomi will also be showcasing some of her original artwork from the book.

Artist Naomi M. Moyer presents powerful biographical portraits of ten Black women and women’s collectives from Canadian and American history, ranging from 1793 to the present. Included are leaders and groundbreakers who were anti-slavery activists, business women, organizers who promoted healthcare, and educators who taught literacy and scholarship in Black neighborhoods.

The stories and beautiful portraits in this book will engage a wide range of readers. Celebrate these remarkable women—some of whom you may be hearing about for the first time—and the profound impacts they’ve made.

Profiled are: The Coloured Women's Club, Jackie Shane, Sylvia Estes Stark, The Hour a Day Study Club, Rosa Pryor, Sherona Hall, The Black Cross Nurses Mary Miles Bibb, Chloe Cooley, and Blockorama.


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to Jun 25

ALA Annual Conference

If you'll be in New Orleans for the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition, come say hello to us at Booth #3648, alongside our US distributor Orca Books. It's the best place to get a first look at our upcoming books for Fall and to learn more about our extensive list of books that celebrate and reflect diversity, strong female characters, and children's empowerment!


On June 23rd Second Story Press Publisher Margie Wolfe will be presenting on the Book Buzz stage, alongside Orca Books, about publishing important books that matter for young people.

Book Buzz Theatre from 2:15–2:45 p.m.

Author Signing

Also on Saturday June 23rd, Margie Wolfe will be signing copies of her new book The Promise.

Booth #3648 from 3:00–3:30 p.m.

The Promise was written by Margie Wolfe and her cousin Pnina Bat Zvi. The picture book tells the story of their mothers, Rachel and Toby–two sisters–who survived together as girls in Auschwitz during the Holocaust. 

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FOLD: The Writers' Hub
12:00 PM12:00

FOLD: The Writers' Hub

Talk one-on-one with publishing professionals at this fair-style event. Publishing professionals with open-submissions answer questions and discuss the types of books they publish and ways to submit query letters. Whether you are an emerging or established writer, this is an event you do not want to miss. This event is sponsored by the Ontario Book Publisher’s Organization.

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Authors for Indies
11:00 AM11:00

Authors for Indies

On April 29, independent bookstores across the country, along with the authors they love, will celebrate as a part of Canadian Authors For Indies Day. Come join them for the nationwide event organized by authors to celebrate the important role that independent bookstores play. This special day gets people out to bookstores, showcases local writers and supports Canadian publishers.

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Reading For The Love of It 2017
to Feb 24

Reading For The Love of It 2017

Find Second Story at Booth #1201 in the Exhibitors’ Display on the Lower Concourse

The Reading for the Love of It Conference is regarded as pre-eminent in bringing together local, national and international authorities in the field of literacy. Held annually in Toronto, the goal of the conference is to provide a wide spectrum of speakers to inspire and provoke thinking about literacy issues, and to promote the lifelong love of reading, all at an affordable cost to delegates.

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Booklist Webinar—Teaching Tolerance
1:00 PM13:00

Booklist Webinar—Teaching Tolerance

As stories of bullying fill the news, many teachers, librarians, and parents are looking for helpful resources. In this free, hour-long webinar, representatives from Second Story Press and Lee & Low publishers present titles that aim to engender empathy and understanding for others. Additionally, assistant professor of teacher education Amina Chaudhri will offer tips on how to use books to prevent bullying. Moderated by Sarah Hunter, Books for Youth Senior Editor. 

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