Black Women Who Dared

Black Women Who Dared


By Naomi M. Moyer


Inspiring and indomitable Black women whose stories need to be told.

Artist Naomi M. Moyer presents powerful biographical portraits of ten Black women and women’s collectives from Canadian and American history, ranging from 1793 to the present. Included are leaders and groundbreakers who were anti-slavery activists, business women, organizers who promoted healthcare, and educators who taught literacy and scholarship in Black neighborhoods.

The stories and beautiful portraits in this book will engage a wide range of readers. Celebrate these remarkable women—some of whom you may be hearing about for the first time—and the profound impacts they’ve made.

Profiled are: The Coloured Women's Club, Jackie Shane, Sylvia Estes Stark, The Hour a Day Study Club, Rosa Pryor, Sherona Hall, The Black Cross Nurses Mary Miles Bibb, Chloe Cooley, and Blockorama.

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About the Author

Naomi M. Moyer is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist and writer. As a Black woman, Naomi is forever interested in African diasporic histories and how they connect to Black identity. Naomi is a new mama and lives with her family in Toronto.


  • 2018 Ontario Library Association's Top Ten Best Bets - Honourable Mention

Product Information

  • Release: September 18, 2018

  • $18.95 Hardcover

  • 24 Pages

  • Picture Book - Children's Nonfiction

  • 8.5 x 11

  • Ages 9-13 / Grades 5-8

  • Lexile: 1090L Guided Reading: Z

  • ISBN: 9781772600711


  • Biography & Autobiography
    > Cultural Heritage
    > Women

  • Social Topics
    > Prejudice & Racism

  • Cultural Heritage
    > African American

Praise for Black Women Who Dared

"This strikingly illustrated collective biography captures some of the incredible life stories of unsung Canadian heroes who broke racial, social, political, and other boundaries to make life better for other Black Canadians." - Kirkus Starred Review

“Toronto artist and writer Naomi M. Moyer shines a brilliant spotlight on these woefully under-acknowledged women and their accomplishments. Moyer’s spectacular acrylic, stencil, ink and pencil illustrations accompany the well-written, engaging biographical summaries…A must-have addition to all school and public libraries.” - CM Magazine, Highly Recommended

“History buffs, educators, and even adventure-seekers love to discover unsung movers and shakers—especially stories that include elusive African American heroines whose lives and achievements have been largely ignored even though they have made an impact on society. Black Women Who Dared by Naomi M. Moyer is one of those books.” - New York Journal of Books

“This is a must-have for Canadian classrooms and libraries, and an important addition for U.S. collections as well.” - School Library Journal

“Most notably, the strong current of courage and practical activism, across time, calls out encouragement, inspiration and command for young readers."“ - Toronto Star

“What was truly special about this book was the spotlight on the women who are often neglected but who still brought about great changes...Overall, it was a fantastic book with stories that will stay with me forever. It shows the effect black female leads could have on our everyday living and community.” - Palmer Library Reviews, Student Reviewer: Diya G.

“Impressively informative in organization and presentation, Black Women Who Dared should be a part of every elementary school, middle school, and community library picture book biography collection for children ages 11-14.” - Midwest Book Review