Hattie Pearl Click Click

Hattie Pearl Click Click


Written by Emily Hearn and Illustrated by Yvonne Cathcart


This book is especially appropriate for children having difficulty with reading. Today, Janey is an adult writer who uses a computer to help children who also like to write. But when she was a girl, Janey had a problem learning to read. The only person who seemed to recognize her difficulty was the effervescent Hattie Pearl. Told in flashback and set in the 1940s.

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About the Author

Emily Hearn has written several children’s books, including Franny and the Music Girl and Hattie Pearl Click Click, both published by Second Story Press, and two books of poetry.

About the Illustrator

Popular children’s illustrator Yvonne Cathcart has illustrated ten picture books including Katharine and the Garbage Dump, It’s A Jungle In Here and Being Big.


  • Character Education
    > Empathy
    > Self-Esteem
  • Language Arts
    > Literacy

Product Information

  • Release: May 3, 1993
  • $5.95 Paperback
  • 32 Pages
  • 6 x 9
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Ages 7-10 / Grades 2-5
  • ISBN: 9780929005447