Katherine and the Garbage Dump

Katherine and the Garbage Dump


Written by Martha Morris and Illustrated by Yvonne Cathcart


When the first juice can was thrown into her backyard, Katherine had no idea what trouble that bit of litter would cause. A wonderfully fun, full-colour picture book, Katherine and the Garbage Dump recounts a story with a strong environmental component.

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Product Information

  • Release: October 13, 1992
  • $14.95 Hardcover
  • 24 Pages
  • 8.5 x 8.5
  • Children’s Picture Book
  • Ages 4-8 / Grades K-3
  • ISBN: 9780929005393


  • Character Education
    > Empathy
  • Environmentalism


  • 1992 Federation of Women Teachers' Association Writers Award Winner