Splish, Splat!

Splish, Splat!


Written by Alexis Domney and Illustrated by Alice Crawford


A fun introduction to the world of sign language...

Colin's mom hires painters to paint his bedroom. The company she calls recommends that she hire two women who happen to be deaf. The company explains that she can call a relay service to book the painters for the job, and she does. Heather and Molly come to Colin’s house. They are the first deaf people he has met, and they communicate with him by writing on a pad of paper and using gestures. The painters spend the day painting his room blue. At the end of the day they start chatting – signing – as they paint the white trim. Without realizing it they speckle the blue walls with white paint. Heather and Molly are upset when they realize their mistake, but when Colin comes into the room he loves the effect and they decide to keep it that way. 

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About the Author

Alexis Domney graduated from Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf - the oldest school for the Deaf in Ontario. She spends her time volunteering at Deaf community events and is currently volunteer staff for the Canadian Deaf Youth Leadership Camp in 2012. She lives in Pemberton, British Columbia.

About the Illustrator

Alice Crawford is a Deaf professional graphic designer and illustrator. Her whimsical collage illustrations are made from scraps of paper, catalogues, and discarded printed-paper stock from distributors, fabric, and her photos of found objects and of nature. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with her family.

Product Information

  • Release: April 22, 2011

  • $15.95 Hardcover with Jacket

  • 24 Pages

  • 8.5 x 8.5

  • Children’s Picture Book

  • Ages 4-8 / Grades 2-4

  • Guided Reading: L

  • ISBN: 9781897187883


  • Character Education
    > Empathy

  • Reflecting Diversity
    > Abilities

  • American Sign Language


Watch how the collage illustrations were created for the book Splish, Splat! by illustrator Alice Crawford.

Praise for Splish, Splat!

"Splish, Splat! is a delightful story that young children will enjoy. An additional benefit is that it provides readers with new insights about Deaf people in ways that will value their life experiences." - CM: Canadian Review of Materials

"This purposive story has much to recommend it. It folds in details of hearing-Deaf communication naturally, and Crawford’s multimedia collages burst with energy and color." - Kirkus Reviews

"Incorporating Deaf characters into a story that is not specifically about deafness is valuable, as is the supportive material about signing and the explanation of how the message relay system works to enable deaf tradespeople to take telephone calls." - Quill & Quire

"Splish, Splat! is a charming book that exposes children to sign language and the people who use it. It has a unique ending and will appeal to children who love learning new things. Highly recommended." - Library of Clean Reads

"Readers are shown that people who are deaf are not only able to work at any job as anyone else might, but more importantly that they are just as human in every way as any other person."  - Resource Links

"This is a great choice for discussing Deaf culture, emphasizing their love for communication in ASL, and the many ways hearing people can communicate with the Deaf." - School Library Journal