Personal and Political-ebook : Stories from the Women's Health Movement 1960-2010

A Feminist History Society Book Series

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Details the innovative, courageous, and creative activism of the “second wave” women’s health movement in Canada between 1960 and 2010. This activism (re)claimed women's bodies, created women-centered spaces and services, and challenged a medically dominated healthcare system. Feminists challenged diagnoses, treatments, laws, policies, and research, as well as the care women were offered the way they saw their bodies and themselves. Legions of women, and a few men, made changes ranging from abortion rights to preserving women's hospitals, to the legalization of midwifery to requiring gendered research. Changes that still resonate in the 21st century.

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Publication Date: October 16, 2018

Product Format: E-book – EPUB

Pages: 464

ISBN: 978-1-77260-080-3