The Vale of Tears

By Rabbi Pinchas Hirschprung and Zale Newman and Vivian Felsen

The Azrieli Series of Holocaust Survivor Memoirs

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My tears, like the words of the prayer, fell like fresh dew: pure, delicate, unadulterated, honest words, and pure, delicate, unadulterated, honest tears.

An epic journey across wartime borders, The Vale of Tears chronicles two years in the life of Rabbi Pinchas Hirschprung as he seeks an escape route from Nazi-occupied Europe. In this rare, near day-by-day account, Rabbi Hirschprung illuminates what life was like for an Orthodox rabbi fleeing persecution, finding inspiration and hope in Jewish scripture and psalms as he navigates the darkness to a safe harbour in Kobe, Japan. Written in Yiddish in 1944, this translation offers a unique perspective into the man who would become the world-renowned Chief Rabbi of Montreal for almost thirty years.


Publication Date: October 30, 2016

Reading Age: Adult

Genre: Adult Nonfiction

Product Format: Paperback

Pages: 368

ISBN: 9781988065106

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