Hidden Gold: A True Story of the Holocaust

Hidden Gold: A True Story of the Holocaust


By Ella Burakowski


When Poland is invaded in WWII, the Gold family sticks together in horrific conditions to survive

It's 1942, and the Nazis are rounding up Jews in the Polish town of Pinczow for transport to the Treblinka death camp. Leib and Hanna Gold thought they had more time to develop an escape plan. While Leib leaves to negotiate a hiding place, Hanna and their children, Shoshana, Esther, and twelve-year-old David, steal away in the night to find shelter with a family friend. Leib promises to join them in the morning, but when daylight breaks, Leib had vanished. Hanna must flee to a safer refuge or she and her children will perish.

So begins a true story of terror, suspense, and deplorable hardship that lasts more than two years. In a place where everyone is afraid, neighbors turn on neighbors, gentiles betray Jews, and Jews victimize each other, hoping to survive the Holocaust. David Gold's memories of his formative years during World War II are captured by his niece, author Ella Burakowski, in this heart-stopping testament to the human spirit.

Learn more about the book and see historic photos of the Gold family at www.hiddengoldbook.com.

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About the Author

Ella Burakowski has been writing a column in The Canadian Jewish News for the past 20 years. Now the Operations Manager at The CJN, Ella has been working full time at the paper, learning the newspaper business from the ground up. Born in Israel to two Holocaust survivors, Ella was compelled to write her family's story when her Uncle David described her family's experience during World War II.

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Product Information

  • Release: October 6, 2015

  • $13.95 Paperback

  • 336 Pages

  • Teen Nonfiction

  • 5.5 x 8.25

  • Ages 12-17 / Grades 8-12

  • ISBN: 9781927583746


  • Character Education
    > Prejudice & Tolerance

  • History & Social Studies
    > War & Conflict

  • Holocaust Studies


Awards for Hidden Gold

  • 2017 Red Maple Non-Fiction Award Honour Book - Ontario Library Association's Forest of Reading

Praise for Hidden Gold

"...an affirmation of human courage." - Kirkus Reviews

"The story of a Polish-Jewish family forced into hiding from the Nazis is by its very nature compelling, and the Golds’ familial bond and undaunted spirits are commendable..." - Publishers Weekly

"Even though the subject matter is difficult, the portrayal of the characters is dynamic and heartwarming... A fine purchase to support curriculum related to World War II and Holocaust studies." - School Library Journal

"Hidden Gold is a perfect title for this book that pays tribute to the strength of family and the resilience that each member drew upon to help them individually and collectively survive the ordeal. The book will nurture empathy in readers young and not-so-young alike." - CM: Canadian Review of Materials

"[Hidden Gold] is a simply told story that grabs at your heart and is a reminder of the horrors of war and the bond of family love." - The Calgary Herald

"In this labour of love, Burakowski reminds us the millions who perished were all individuals who died horrible deaths, and that those few who survived owed their lives to a fate no less arbitrary than that which led others to their death." - Winnipeg Free Press

"...the well-developed characters and the bond between the Gold family members as they endure terrible hardships end up making this an engaging story.... The book also includes pictures of the Gold family, the barn where they hid, and various other objects and documents that help the reader understand this incredible true story." - Resource Links

"Exceptionally well written and presented, 'Hidden Gold' is a valued and welcome addition to the growing library of Holocaust literature. Very highly recommended for community and academic library Holocaust Studies collections." - Midwest Book Review

"This powerful book is presented like a mystery. The reader eagerly reads page after page in order to discover what will happen to the desperate characters." - Jewish Book Council