The Stone Rainbow

The Stone Rainbow


By Liane Shaw

 A book about coming out, falling in love, and self-acceptance

Seventeen-year-old Jack Pedersen is finding life complicated ever since he came out to his mom. Even though she’s been doing her best to be understanding, it’s obvious to Jack that his mom still wants to cry every time she says the word gay.

Complications go into hyperdrive when a new student arrives at school, and Jack starts experiencing feelings he’s never allowed himself to feel before. When a near tragedy turns life upside down, Jack realizes that it’s time to stop hiding from himself and everyone around him.


About the Author

Liane Shaw was an educator for more than twenty-five years and has been a parent for over thirty. She has long been a passionate advocate for the rights of youth facing a variety of physical, emotional, and academic challenges. All six of her YA novels, along with her teaching memoir, present a diverse array of stories based on young people she has had the honour to know. The Stone Rainbow was inspired by challenges facing members of her own family.

Product Information

  • Release: September 17 2019

  • $13.95 Paperback

  • 256 Pages

  • 5.5 x 8.25

  • Teen Fiction

  • Ages 13-18 / Grades 8-12

  • ISBN: 9781772601084


  • Character Education
    > Bullying
    > Friendship & Family
    > Prejudice & Tolerance

  • Reflecting Diversity
    > Abilities
    > LGBTQ