My Demon's Name is Ed

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A teen's journal reveals her struggle as her eating disorder becomes the overwhelming voice in her head

Danah's eating disorder has a personality – it's a demon she calls Ed, the voice in her head that undermines her self-esteem and her perception of the world. How can she explain that even when she tries to develop healthier eating habits, there is a demon wriggling inside her mind, determining her every step? The eighteen-year-old author of this novel for teens brings her own journal entries to life, revealing the mental anguish of a teen suffering with anorexia and the terrifying grip the disorder holds on her.

Praise & Recognition

[Khalil's] voice is authentic and visceral... This brave revelation is a young anorexic's heart laid bare. Kirkus Reviews
A realistic and dramatic work that will resonate with young adults. School Library Journal
Khalil's eating disorder is personified in the form of a demon called Ed. This characterization is extremely effective, underscoring the insidious ways in which anorexia tugs at the back of her mind, undermining her self-esteem and making her doubt her perceptions of herself and the world around her.... A cautionary tale, highly recommended for parents, adolescents, and health professionals. Quill & Quire enlightening read for anyone with, or close to someone with, an eating disorder... The immensity of Danah's daily struggle with a very real and visceral disorder certainly comes through in her deeply conflicted reflection. Canadian Children's Book News
Danah Khalil has written compelling novel based on her own struggle with an eating disorder... It takes guts to share something so profoundly emotional and deeply personal. Her suffering is visceral. Her voice is completely authentic... My Demon’s Name is Ed is an excellent book that will alert parents, siblings, friends, and teachers to the earliest symptoms of eating disorders and seek help. Children's Books Heal


Publication Date: October 4, 2016

Reading Age: 13 - 19

Genre: Teen, Children's Nonfiction

Product Format: Paperback

Pages: 238

ISBN: 978-1-927583-96-8

About the Author

Danah Khalil

Danah Khalil was inspired to write at a very young age by some of her favourite authors. This is her first novel, inspired by her own life. She continues with her journal entries, fictional novels, and poetry in hopes of inspiring others to tell their stories through writing as well. Danah lives in Toronto.
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