The Little Yellow Bottle

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The courage of children dealing with the effects of a cluster-bomb dropped on their village.

Marwa and Ahmad live in an unnamed country that could be any one of dozens touched by war. While they know that there is a war going on, life in their village goes on largely as normal. Marwa is the narrator of the story, and she tells of a day when planes flew over their village "like a cloud of angry wasps". They are warned that these planes dropped bombs, but after being frightened for a few days they forget of the danger. Until a day when the two are playing and Ahmad finds a small yellow bottle and out of curiosity picks it up. It explodes, and Marwa describes the aftermath as she is cut and scarred, and Ahmad is more gravely hurt - losing a hand and one leg. Both recover and regain hope, and Lisa says she is sharing this story to honour Ahmad's courage and other children like him.

Praise & Recognition

The use of first-person narrative gives a unique perspective not often realized or understood. Delaunois has Marwa speak with such honesty it reminds the reader that, though children may live in the midst of war, they, themselves, aren't "at war with anyone." ... Delezenne's blend of collage, drawings and texture juxtapose the images of war from a child's perspective. They encapsulate the journey a child of war is forced to take. Though it begins with complete blackness, it can end with a winged soccer ball. CM Magazine
This book is recommended for both school and public libraries. Because of the serious subject of war and the sophisticated illustrations this book could be used as a teaching tool for older grades. Resource Links

Saskatchewan Young Reader's Choice Award - The Shinning Willow 2013 - Short-listed


Publication Date: September 1, 2011

Reading Age: 6 - 8

Genre: Picture Book, Children's Fiction

Product Format: Hardback

Pages: 24

ISBN: 978-1-926920-34-4

About the Author

Angèle Delaunois

Angèle Delaunois is both a children’s author and the founder and publisher of the Quebec-based press Editions de L’Isatis. The author of over forty books for children, she lives in Montreal.
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About the Illustrator

Christine Delezenne

Christine Delezenne created the images for The Little Yellow Bottle using a clever blend of textures, drawings, and collage, which makes them both current and timeless. She lives in Montreal.
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