Josephine Mandamin

All of us at Second Story Press mourn the passing of Josephine Mandamin: Nokomis, Grandmother, AnishinaabeKwe. Our condolences go out to her friends, family, and all the people who are missing her today. She was an inspiration to so many. Her work with the Mother Earth Water Walkers has inspired thousands and changed the world.


We know that she will be deeply missed by her friend and “twin”, Joanne Robertson. It has been a privilege for us here at the press to have helped Joanne tell Josephine’s story in The Water Walker. We will always remember the weeks after the book was published when Joanne and Josephine toured schools and libraries to talk about the book. The children in those audiences would look at Josephine with great love and hope. She would tell them: “I do it for the water.”

We are sad that Josephine will not be here to celebrate the book’s publication in Anishinaabemowin this fall, but it heartens us to know that she was involved in its translation and knew that her story would be shared in her language. There are many people who will continue Josephine’s work and continue to take inspiration from all that she accomplished.

As Josephine would say, “It’s time to pick up your bundles.”

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Allie Chenoweth