Acting for Freedom-ebook : Fifty Years of Civil Liberties in Canada

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50 years of frontline legal battles to protect the civil liberties we take for granted

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association celebrates its fiftieth anniversary with this overview of its activities--sometimes quiet and sometimes strident--as a watchdog and safeguard for Canadians and their rights as citizens. Through a series of discussions and interviews, a picture of Canada over the last half-century evolves. From the Charter of Freedoms to life and death matters such as abortion and the death penalty through to public security vs. the right to privacy. A fascinating look at the civil rights many of us take for granted.

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Publication Date: October 13, 2014

Product Format: E-book – EPUB

Pages: 320

ISBN: 978-1-927583-50-0

About the Author

Marian Botsford Fraser

Marian Botsford Frase is a freelance writer, broadcaster, and critic whose work has appeared in "Granta," "The Walrus," "The Globe & Mail," "Toronto Life," and "The National Post." She is a long-time contributor to CBC Radio's "Ideas" program and has served as guest host for various CBC Radio programs. She is the author of "Requiem for my brother," "Solitaire: The Intimate Lives of Single Women," "Walking the Line: Travels Along the Canadian/American Border." She lives in Toronto, ON.
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