Exceptional Women Environmentalists-ebook

By Frances Rooney

Women's Hall Of Fame Series

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From Rachel Carson, the woman who started the modern environmental movement, to Severn Cullis-Suzuki, former host of Suzuki’s Nature Quest, to Marina Silva, who fights to keep the Brazilian rain forest from disappearing, read about these ten amazing women who prove how ordinary people can do extraordinary things. While the threat of environmental crises becomes more dominant in the media and popular culture, these trailblazing women have taken action to make a vital difference for our planet.

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Publication Date: January 1, 2007

Reading Age: 9 - 12

Product Format: E-book – EPUB

Pages: 112

ISBN: 978-1-926739-18-2

Frances Rooney

About the Author

Frances Rooney

Frances Rooney is a writer, editor, and spiritual director who lives in Toronto. Her books include Working Light: The Wandering Life of Photographer Edith S. Watson (published in Canada, the U.S. and Britain) and Our Lives (finalist for the Lambda Award). Frances has written two books for the Women’s Hall of Fame Series – her first was Extraordinary Women Explorers.
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