Khadija and the Elephant Toothpaste Experiment-ebook

By Farah Qaiser , Hajer Nakua

Illustrated By Natalya Tariq

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Everyone can see themselves in science!

Khadija is inspired by her visit to the science fair. There are so many different scientists all wearing safety goggles and lab coats! But how come none of them are wearing a hijab?

After watching a scientist carry out the elephant toothpaste experiment, Khadija attempts to recreate it at home with mixed (and messy!) results. Surrounded by her family as they celebrate Eid, Khadija tries again….

“Salaam everyone, and Eid Mubarak!” she cries. “When I grow up, I’m going to be a scientist!”

Praise & Recognition

"Khadija and the Elephant Toothpaste Experiment clearly showcases its authors’s passion for science and their desire to make the field accessible to people from all walks of life. Natalya Tariq’s illustrations lovingly capture the cultural specificity of both characters and settings while remaining vibrant and appealing to young readers.”

Canadian Review of Materials

"An important book about the need for representation of all identities in various fields."

Toronto Star
"Farah Qaiser and Hajer Nakua show young readers that a little Muslim girl who wants to be a scientist can achieve that dream, because their message in Khadija and the Elephant Toothpaste Experiment is all about opportunity and inclusion. Ottawa illustrator Natalya Tariq uses cartoon art to give brightness and innocence to Khadija's story. There's a wide-eyed wonder to the child that is infused in every illustration.... This can only inspire all children to follow their dreams, whether into science or into the arts." CanLit for Little Canadians
"The picture book illustrates how children can find their passion through play, and shows that you should never have to compromise your identity to fit in.... Khadija and the Elephant Toothpaste Experiment is well-written and beautifully illustrated." Quill and Quire

FOLD Picture Book-of-the-Month, February 2024


Publication Date: February 6, 2024

Reading Age: 6 - 8

Genre: Picture Book, Children's Fiction

Product Format: E-book – EPUB

Pages: 24

ISBN: 978-1-77260-373-6

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Farah Qaiser

About the Author

Farah Qaiser

Farah Qaiser is passionate about making science engaging and accessible for everyone, from youth to adults, through writing, outreach, and policy. Farah is a genomics researcher by training and holds a Master of Science from the University of Toronto. She lives in Mississauga, Canada.

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Hajer Nakua

About the Author

Hajer Nakua

Hajer Nakua is a neuroscience researcher currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Toronto. She is passionate about using social media platforms to share research with a diverse audience and working with committees to improve the career trajectories of PhD students. Hajer lives in Mississauga, Canada

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Natalya Tariq

About the Illustrator

Natalya Tariq

Natalya Tariq is an illustrator based in Ottawa, who grew up in Russia and lived in Saudi Arabia. With a professional background in translation, Natalya has a keen interest in different countries, languages, and cultures. She started illustration in 2021 as a hobby and developed her art into a second career.

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