Mom and Mum are Getting Married!

By Ken Setterington

Illustrated By Alice Priestley

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Rosie is surprised to find her Mom dancing alone in the living room, but when Mom announces, “Your Mum and I are getting married!” they can’t wait to start planning the big day. Friends and family come together for a celebration of love.

Praise & Recognition

Writing the story from the point of a view of a child with two mothers helps to protect the book from an overly didactic ring. CM Magazine
The story is complemented by bright, cheerful illustrations that will no doubt appeal to young children. Resource Links
It gives parents and educators the chance to teach children about tolerance, acceptance and love. Telegram (St. John's, Nfld)
It’s a welcome reflection of reality for children who are growing up in lesbian or gay-parented families. Worth the Trip website
This book easily introduces the topic of same-sex marriage in an age-appropriate manner. Mothering Magazine
Highlighting a different kind of family, the book is a celebration of love and family in a changing world. New Brunswick Reader
This book is a simple yet powerful treatment of the socially contentious issue, same-sex marriage. Professionally Speaking (Ontario College of Teachers)
Second Story Press Celebrates Gay Marriage in California With Their Classic Picture Book ‘Mom and Mum are Getting Married!


Publication Date: September 23, 2004

Reading Age: 6 - 8

Genre: Picture Book, Children's Fiction

Product Format: Hardback

Pages: 24

ISBN: 978-1-896764-84-9

Ken Setterington

About the Author

Ken Setterington

Ken Setterington is a retired librarian, storyteller, author, and a children’s book reviewer. He was the first Children and Youth Advocate for Library Services for the Toronto Public Library. He received the title Librarian of the Year. He is the author of the picture book Mom and Mum are Getting Married!. He lives with his partner in Toronto.
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Alice Priestley

About the Illustrator

Alice Priestley

Alice Priestley has illustrated numerous books including five other children’s stories. Out on the Ice in the Middle of the Bay was shortlisted for a Mr. Christie Book Award and the Amelia Frances Gibbon Award. Her other books include Winning the Girl of the Sea, The Watcher, Clouds on the Mountain and Someone’s Reading This Book. She lives in Toronto with her husband and children.
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