Rachel's Promise

By Shelly Sanders

The Rachel Trilogy Series

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Second in trilogy of YA crossover novels set in pre-war Russian and Shanghai

It is 1904, and Rachel and her family are leaving Russia to escape the continuing riots against Jews. They take the Trans-Siberian Railway across the country and board a ship to Shanghai. Life is difficult and strange in this new city, but Rachel's luck changes when she finds a job writing for a newspaper. Meanwhile, Sergei finds that working in a factory in St. Petersburg is not only miserable but dangerous, and he soon joins the rebelling socialist workers. Through letters, Rachel and Sergei share their dream of moving to America to find a better life. The story that began in Rachel’s Secret continues in this, the second novel in the Rachel Trilogy.

Praise & Recognition

Sanders beautifully balances the alternating stories of Sergei and Rachel, who are mere teenagers caught in the cross-fire of persecution during extreme political upheaval. Her main characters are authentic, with each having a very distinct voice. The book is a page-turner. Children's Books Heal
Sanders combines her own family history with larger known historical events – the Russo-Japanese War, the organized strikes of pre-revolutionary Russia and the Jewish community that settled in Shanghai. The style, with its simple declarative sentences, makes this a fine choice for younger readers. Historical Novel Society
Sanders vividly describes the poor conditions of the factory workers while contrasting their lives with the extravagance of the czar’s castle and those of diplomats in St. Petersburg. In addition, she conveys information about the Jewish immigrant community in Shanghai during the early twentieth century. Recommended for all libraries. Association of Jewish Libraries Reviews
On its own Rachel's Promise is an educational, well researched novel. Sanders based her novel on her grandmother's life, included actual historical events and many of the characters really existed. the rich history and setting drew me into the story. Resource Links


Publication Date: September 16, 2013

Reading Age: 13 - 19

Genre: Teen, Children's Fiction

Product Format: Paperback

Pages: 250

ISBN: 978-1-927583-14-2

Shelly Sanders

About the Author

Shelly Sanders

Shelly Sanders has worked as a freelance writer for almost twenty years. The character of Rachel in Rachel's Secret and Rachel?s Promise was inspired by Shelly's grandmother, a Russian Jew who fled to Shanghai to escape persecution and then made her way to the United States, where she was the first Jewish woman to be accepted into the University of California, Berkeley?s science program. Shelly lives in Oakville, Ontario with her family.
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