Sasha and the Wind

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Sasha loves the way the wind sails kites and turns umbrellas inside out. He wants to be blown so high that the people below look like chocolate chips. The second book in the Sasha series.

Praise & Recognition

A lively, lovely story that asks all the questions a child needs the answers to when a loose tooth won't come out. Winnipeg Parent


Publication Date: August 14, 1996

Reading Age: 6 - 8

Genre: Picture Book, Children's Fiction

Product Format: Paperback

Pages: 24

ISBN: 978-0-929005-83-6

About the Author

Rhea Tregebov

Rhea Tregebov’s books for children have been recommended in A Guide to Canadian Children’s Books as well CBC radio’s Children’s Literature Panel. She has written five children’s picture books, three in the “Sasha” series, which feature her son as the hero. Her books have been translated into French and Danish. She has also written six collections of poetry for adults. She lives in Vancouver where she teaches Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia.
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About the Illustrator

Hélène Desputeaux

Helene Desputeaux has illustrated dozens of books including two Robert Munsch picture books and the "Caillou" series. She and partner Michel Aubin run their own production house, Desputeaux + Aubin in Quebec.
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