The End of Always-ebook

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College prep or prepping for the end of the world?

Ever since Isobel’s mom died, her dad won’t stop preparing for the rest of the world to end—attending doomsday survivalist meetings, packing bug-out bags, and drawing up plans for a secret backyard bunker. He’s methodically stacked and stored countless packs of batteries and bottles of water in the basement. And thirty-six cans of tomato soup.
But Isobel has no interest in it. She has enough to deal with between finishing high school and trying to shield her little sister April from their dad’s increasing paranoia. She’s managing to cope—until their dad decides to move them all to Endurance Ranch, a survivalist community in the middle of nowhere. When Isobel meets Dane, the son of a hardcore prepper couple, she doesn’t feel as isolated at the ranch as she first thought. But she wants to be in control of her future. She realizes it’s going to be up to her to save her sister—and herself—from a life underground.

Publishing soon on April 16, 2024!

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Publication Date: April 16, 2024

Reading Age: 13 - 19

Genre: Teen

Product Format: E-book – EPUB

Pages: 230

ISBN: 978-1-77260-379-8

About the Author

Rebecca Phillips

Rebecca Phillips is a copyeditor by day and a TV-series-binger by night. Oh, and sometimes she writes novels. Rebecca lives in beautiful Nova Scotia with her family, which includes a spoiled senior-citizen cat.

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