The First Principles of Dreaming-ebook

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It's 1977, and Mary-Eve Hamilton (Mary for the Mother of God, Eve for the mother of mankind) is plodding through her final year at Eleusis High School. Mary-Eve's mother, famed prophetess at the Waiting for the Rapture End Times Tabernacle, regularly has visions, foams at the mouth, and falls down rigid. Her father, a popular deacon, hides his abuse behind a Sunday morning facade. Mary-Eve herself appears to be a dutiful teenager, her entire life regulated by the prescriptive rules of their church. Inside, she’s biding her time and waiting for emancipation from her family's strictures and secrets. That day comes when Mary-Eve befriends Dee Eccles, an eighteen-year-old pagan goddess from the other side of everything. Dee instantly re-christens Mary-Eve with the name Jezebel, Jez for short, and begins her initiation into the women's mysteries of makeup, tight jeans, and otherworldly glory. But Jez quickly learns that Dee has her own secrets, and that demons are not confined to the Waiting for the Rapture End Times Tabernacle.

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Publication Date: September 1, 2014

Product Format: E-book – EPUB

Pages: 328

ISBN: 978-1-927583-28-9

About the Author

Beth Goobie

Beth Goobie grew up in Rockwood, ON, where the appearance of a normal childhood hid the secret of an abusive family. Overcoming her traumatic childhood, Beth went to university out West, became a youth residential treatment worker, and also studied creative writing at the U. of Alberta. She went on to become an award-winning author of 23 novels and books of poetry, mainly YA, including Flux and the CLA award-winning Before Wings. Beth makes her home in Saskatoon.

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